approved list

Approved list

A list of equities and other investments that a financial institution or mutual fund is allowed to invest in. See: Legal list.
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Approved List

A list of companies and other investments in which certain organizations like state-chartered banks, insurance companies, and pensions are allowed to invest. The components of approved lists vary from state to state, but most approved lists contain low-risk, low-return investments designed to maintain the organizations' sustainability and protect the principal placed in them. An approved list is also called a legal list.
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approved list

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Programme "As part of the planned maintenance programme STAR Housing wish to set up an approved list of contractors to enable the procurement of the above contract services to properties in the Oswestry and Bridgnorth areas.
In the 'Skills' section, they can pick a skill they wish to develop from an approved list on the award's website, while in 'Hobbies', they can select one from an approved list and document their journey in developing it through a short video.
2 (Saba) - Undersecretary of the province of Taiz, Mohammed al-Husseini said 18 shops for wholesale in Taiz were closed on Sunday and their owners were referred to the competent authorities for non-commitment to prices approved list .
Considering its research standard, international index and accreditation, College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan has included this journal in the approved list of CPSP, meaning thereby that the articles published in this journal will be exempted from the synopsis and dissertation writing.
Mianwali -- The wheat pur-chase process is continuing gwithout any delay or discrimination at all centres, established across district according to the approved list of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) transparently.According to District Food Controller Masood Aslam, a total of six wheat purchase centres were operational in the district where 338,890 wheat bags have so far been purchased from farmers at the first-come-first-serve basis.
An approved list of MPs will be disclosed in the coming days.
KDOT established an "approved list" which highlights quarries whose aggregate has passed KDOT's tests.
Sport England's approved list has 149 activities, including model aircraft flying, angling and darts.
Customers were issued with vouchers they could use in shops on an approved list and payment was made to the Provident Clothing rep, who called at the customer's home.
As manufacturers make on-going improvements to semi-auto models, they will drop from the approved list. Eventually, all models of semi-autos will be dropped as makers make changes to their designs.
The Gulf Daily News reports that the project, inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, gives eligible applicants the option to move off the housing waiting list and buy a house either off-plan from an approved list of private developers,

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