approved list

Approved list

A list of equities and other investments that a financial institution or mutual fund is allowed to invest in. See: Legal list.

Approved List

A list of companies and other investments in which certain organizations like state-chartered banks, insurance companies, and pensions are allowed to invest. The components of approved lists vary from state to state, but most approved lists contain low-risk, low-return investments designed to maintain the organizations' sustainability and protect the principal placed in them. An approved list is also called a legal list.

approved list

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Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqi has directed the officials concerned to ensure the sale of essential commodities on prices in accordance with the officially approved list in accordance with the endeavour of the government to provide relief to masses.
Customers were issued with vouchers they could use in shops on an approved list and payment was made to the Provident Clothing rep, who called at the customer's home.
Directors of JSC CZP on March 05, 2014 approved list of candidates for
The Gulf Daily News reports that the project, inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, gives eligible applicants the option to move off the housing waiting list and buy a house either off-plan from an approved list of private developers,
Immediately prior to a meeting of the Minnesota Board of Dentistry (MnBD), ADAA President Breen was asked for a letter of support from the ADAA Legislative Council and ADAA Board of Trustees for adding the function of placement of retraction cord under direct supervision to the approved list of functions for the CDA.
This option also removes the requirement for borrowers to be employed by a company that is registered on the bank's approved list of employers.
Janet was on an approved list of "appropriate adults" - volunteers who are asked by the police to sit in on interviews with minors or vulnerable adults in order to assist them and safeguard their rights.
It means any player or club in England wishing to appoint someone to act for them in employment issues must select an agent from an approved list, solicitor, barrister or close relative.
Wide scopes of services include concept, design, structure engineering and overseeing installation which is performed by an approved list of sub-contractors.
Among the 10 suits which do not appear on the approved list are the Arena X-Glide and the Jaked 01, worn by Frenchmen Alain Bernard and Fred Bousquet respectively in recent swims.
When I tried to do it, they told me that Portugal was no longer on the approved list.
Appraisers have long wanted to do VA work but been precluded if they were not already on the 5,000-some appraiser approved list.

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