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An assignment of money to a department, project or something else. For example, a government may appropriate a certain amount of money to its defense department to fund the department's operations for a year.


(1) Taking private land for public use,as by condemnation. (2) Taking public property for private use,such as using water from a navigable river for irrigation purposes. (3) Legislatively designating government funds for a project.

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It must be observed that, among other appropriations from his master's stock, Adolph was in the habit of adopting his name and address; and that the style under which he moved, among the colored circles of New Orleans, was that of Mr.
Does the American impose on the Congress appropriations for two years?
Now, if in Great Britain, where the House of Commons is elected for seven years; where so great a proportion of the members are elected by so small a proportion of the people; where the electors are so corrupted by the representatives, and the representatives so corrupted by the Crown, the representative body can possess a power to make appropriations to the army for an indefinite term, without desiring, or without daring, to extend the term beyond a single year, ought not suspicion herself to blush, in pretending that the representatives of the United States, elected FREELY by the WHOLE BODY of the people, every SECOND YEAR, cannot be safely intrusted with the discretion over such appropriations, expressly limited to the short period of TWO YEARS?
He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws of Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migration hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.
Sacramento gives us our appropriations and therefore we kowtow to Sacramento, and to the Board of Regents, and to the party press, or to the press of both parties.
service, and for the detention of offenders and appropriations.
Scott Klug of Wisconsin, who introduced an amendment last year to kill TVA'S appropriation, observes: "We passed a welfare reform bill that essentially told people that they had to stand on their own feet after two years.
The President has not signed FY 1996 appropriation bills that would fund NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Science Foundation, the Commerce Department, or the Department of the Interior.
8 billion; it was asking for another "current, indefinite appropriation.
Appropriated $3,545,000,000 with an additional $31,000,000 appropriated by Title VI, Emergency Supplemental Appropriation, Military Assistance, for a total of $3,576,000,000 as FMFP grant assistance for FY2001.
The questionable effectiveness of this particular technique places this work in an odd nether ground: it is neither the pure appropriation of Elaine Sturtevant's, Sherrie Levine's, or Mike Bidlo's work, nor the seating social commentary of Robert Colescott's paintings.
Without guidelines to effectively control non-preferred appropriations, the commonwealth cannot recover any of its appropriation unless total allowable costs in a funded program fall below the amount allocated by the state.

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