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An assignment of money to a department, project or something else. For example, a government may appropriate a certain amount of money to its defense department to fund the department's operations for a year.


(1) Taking private land for public use,as by condemnation. (2) Taking public property for private use,such as using water from a navigable river for irrigation purposes. (3) Legislatively designating government funds for a project.

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* Section 703 requires not later than 180 days after enactment of this Act, that the President prepare and submit to the appropriate congressional committees, a report that contains a summary of the status of efforts of DSCA to implement the End-Use Monitoring Enhancement Plan relating to government-to-government transfers of defense articles, services, and related technologies.
* Section 708 requires the President to submit an annual certification report the appropriate congressional committees regarding each Russian person that is a party to an agreement relating to commercial cooperation on MTCR equipment or technology with a U.S.
The curriculum may include instruction and other educational and training activities on leadership development, counterdrug operations, peace support operations, disaster relief, and any other matter the Secretary of Defense determines appropriate.
* This strategy and objectives shall be developed in consultation with appropriate regional and international entities.
has reached an agreement with Russia, which shall provide for appropriate transparency measures, regarding assistance by the U.S.
appropriate access to nuclear weapons storage sites for which assistance under the CTR programs is provided.
* And such other information as the Secretary considers appropriate to inform Congress fully of the operation of CTR programs and activities, including with respect to proposed demilitarization or conversion projects, information on the progress toward demilitarization of facilities and the conversion of the demilitarized facilities to civilian activities.
5332, or at a rate in excess of the percentage increase provided by the appropriate host nation to its own employees, which is higher.
* Section 8109 states that, during FY2001, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense, the Center of Excellence for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance may also pay, or authorize payment for, the expenses of providing or facilitating education and training for appropriate military and civilian personnel of foreign countries in disaster management, peace operations, and humanitarian assistance.
Security Council (or in an emergency, as far as in advance as is practicable): (1) the Committees on Appropriations and other appropriate committees are notified of the estimated cost and length of the mission, the vital national interest that will be served, and planned exit strategy: and (2) a reprogramming of funds pursuant to Section 605 of this Act is submitted, and the procedures therein followed, setting forth the source of funds that will be used for the new or expanded mission.