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The appraisements of the entrepreneurs and the ensuing process of entrepreneurial selection ensures that, at every moment in time, those individuals who are best equipped to draw on their thymological experience and speculate about future conditions are at the helm, taking decisions about the allocation of the available resources.
The letter also demonstrates Cloud's understanding of important legal concepts, including "rulings" federal government policy, and "land appraisement," and how systematically and quickly he was gathering evidence to support the Apaches' side of the case.
81) If a couple disagreed with the results of the medical examination, they could apply for a "medical technical appraisement" and try to obtain a "certificate of medical appraisement, which would enable them to register the marriage".
The preferred and most common method of appraisement under the statute is transaction value, which is defined as the "price actually paid or payable for the merchandise when sold for exportation to the United States," plus certain statutory additions that must be included in customs value.
Salerno, "A Final Word: Calculation, Knowledge and Appraisement," Review of Austrian Economics 9, no.
Under the valuation statute (19 USC section 1401a) administered by CBP, the value declared for imported merchandise is almost always determined under the transaction value standard, because the statute requires that the secondary methods of appraisement (transaction value of identical or similar merchandise, deductive value, or computed value) be used only after the primary transaction value method is rejected.
Importantly, this process of appraisement and calculation is not a mechanical extrapolation from the current state of the market.
Beryl Exley's 'Grammar in the Brain: Literacy Knowledge for Middle Years Visual Arts Teachers' examines the literacy knowledge one teacher draws upon in a visual arts lesson on two-dimensional artefact appraisement.
The plaintiffs sought an order for appraisement and sale, subsequent to which the Port of London Authority purported to seize the ship to enforce the payment of unpaid rates.
Europe's problem, Marshall insisted, was "one of such enormous complexity that the very mass of facts presented to the public by press and radio make it exceedingly difficult for the man in the street to reach a clear appraisement of the situation.
Accepting this statement as starting point, it can be demonstrated that geological, geophysical, geochemical, and in general all geospatial information, may be conceived as an objective tool for block appraisement.
He has associated with him in the making of the appraisal an appraiser who has had experience in the valuation of the type of property under appraisement, or