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A division. The term may be used in insurance to indicate which policy bears what percentage of a loss. Alternatively, it may be used in the sale of real estate to show the property tax or insurance the buyer and the seller each owe for a year. See also: Apportionment Clause.
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To divide into parts.Co-owners of property may decide to apportion maintenance costs among themselves, according to the percentage of ownership enjoyed by each. Buyers and sellers usually apportion real estate taxes so that the portion earned by local government before closing,but not yet paid because not yet due,will be paid by the seller in the form of a credit against the purchase price.When the property tax bill is later received by the buyer,he or she will pay the entire bill in full, but will have already received the equivalent of reimbursement through the credit at closing.

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As discussed below, this requirement --that a nonparty that caused or contributed to the harm suffered by the plaintiff must be "negligent" in order to be apportioned fault on a verdict form--is at odds with the stated policy behind comparative fault.
The clear lesson to be drawn from this is that if a tenant is in any doubt about whether rent should be apportioned when looking to exercise a break it is sensible to pay the full quarter's rent.
Having already apportioned certain assets to MNF I (and from there down to the MSCS), however, the CAOC is not adequately positioned to judge the ground commander's priorities.
In accordance with the unit tax method applicable to public utilities, the Commissioner approved this valuation and apportioned it among all the counties in which GPC held real property.
If your payroll were split evenly between California and Arizona, this would mean that $50,000 of your profit would be apportioned to California and another $50,000 would be apportioned to Arizona entirely on the basis of payroll.
While this is currently a very small number of delegates, the House of Delegates decided that this group should be apportioned delegates the same way as state nursing associations (CMAs).
California provides for apportioned noneconomic damages on a percentage share, and any company may be apportioned a percentage of fault, whether it settled with the plaintiffs, was never sued before by the plaintiff or has since declared bankruptcy.
A will should state whether the estate tax is to he apportioned among each bequest or paid from the residuary estate.
And each element in his uncomplicated yet dense compositions--earthy magenta or umber paper rectangles, translucent overlays of yellow and orange pigment, geometrically apportioned silhouettes of birds, excerpts from handwritten letters--seems to find its place without jostling anything else.
Arbitrarily large virtual disks are assigned to hosts and automatically apportioned physical space in smaller chunks only as needed.
When it is, the State Tax, or similar taxes, may be challenged as unconstitutionally apportioned and discriminatory under Supreme Court decisions discussed here.
Thus the constitutional requirement that our "representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers" is reduced to a mathematical-statistical puzzle that no ordinary citizen can understand.