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A division. The term may be used in insurance to indicate which policy bears what percentage of a loss. Alternatively, it may be used in the sale of real estate to show the property tax or insurance the buyer and the seller each owe for a year. See also: Apportionment Clause.


To divide into parts.Co-owners of property may decide to apportion maintenance costs among themselves, according to the percentage of ownership enjoyed by each. Buyers and sellers usually apportion real estate taxes so that the portion earned by local government before closing,but not yet paid because not yet due,will be paid by the seller in the form of a credit against the purchase price.When the property tax bill is later received by the buyer,he or she will pay the entire bill in full, but will have already received the equivalent of reimbursement through the credit at closing.

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For the same reason that "it would be incongruous that the legislature would have intended that [defendant's] responsibility be 100 [percent] in situations where [plaintiff's] vehicle was operated by her husband and only 50 [percent] in situations where by chance she was a passenger in a vehicle operated by a friend," (32) it would be incongruous that the general contractor could apportion fault to the bank when the bank had a heightened relationship with the plaintiff, but could not do so when the bank had merely an arm's-length relationship with the plaintiff.
Insurers, particularly those that find initiatives such as the Asbestos Trust Fund too costly, may wish to encourage their state legislatures to follow Pennsylvania's lead as a way to limit liability, particularly given Judge Strassburger's ruling to apportion blame even to bankrupt parties.
The alternative method used in paragraph #4 to apportion seats is completely transparent and aims directly at making the populations of congressional districts as equal as possible by minimizing the spread between the high and low population per seat.
Regardless of the method to apportion costs, companies involved in Superfund projects will find themselves in better positions if they have practiced sound waste management strategies.
The committee will not set out to apportion blame or consider issues of civil or criminal liability.
Permitting a co-op to elect to apportion the low sulfur diesel fuel production credit among its patrons eligible to share in patronage dividends.
Under the Uniform Division of Income Tax Purposes Act (UDITPA), "any taxpayer having income from business activity which is taxable both within and without this state, other than activity as financial organization or public utility or the rendering of purely personal service," has the right to allocate and apportion net income.
I also indicated to the Judge that I believed the hearing was not the proper place to apportion blame for what occurred.
However, the states are not required to apportion income using the same formula, so it is very common that states using differing formulas will cause a multi-state taxpayer to pay state taxes on more than, or less than, 100 percent of its income.
Once a deduction has been allocated to a class of gross income, it is necessary to apportion the deduction within the class of gross income to the statutory grouping (or to several statutory groupings) and to the residual grouping of gross income.
To apportion research expenses but not the related credits is to rob the rules of their logic, exalt form over substance, and undermine the foundation--and, ultimately constitutionality--of California's business tax system.
Some of the topics covered included ways to combine apartments for fluidity of space, where to apportion storage areas and how to determine public and private space.