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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.
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A request for a loan that includes the information about the potential borrower, the property and the requested loan that the solicited lender needs to make a decision.

In a narrower sense, the application refers to a standardized application form called the “1003” which the borrower is obliged to fill out.

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When writing application programs for an ARM-based SOM solution, two different models of embedded Linux development are possible:
By designing all application programs to access tables in the same order, you reduce the likelihood of deadlocks.
Into the calibrated FMS, the components automatically co-operate, following the application programs, even if they are placed with relatively great positioning and orientation errors.
The distinctive feature of this new technology is the ability of the automatic parallelizing compiler that utilizes profile information to aggressively exploit parallelization patterns, which are effective for accelerating the speed of application programs. In addition, although the parallelization is speculative, the speculation is almost always completely accurate.
A 32-bit RISC processor with memory capability enables hosting large application programs.
Operating systems: Provide the software to manage all the application programs in a computer.
This way all application programs located at each platform can work identically with the same input devices, making cluster programming simpler.
Users also can load application programs to the site remotely.
In any case, this is far more likely than the belief that future application programs will subsume the entire behavior of current digital formats.
* Addressable Storage Capacity: represents the total storage that can be read and written by application programs on Host Systems and is directly available for use by application programs that implement this benchmark (such as the Workload Generator).
It also features memory application programs, variables, and arrays: multitasking for concurrent execution of two application programs: uncommitted I/O: and user-selectable stepper or servo motion control.
Features include an extra encoder input for electronic gearing; memory for application programs, variables, and arrays; multitasking for concurrent execution of two application programs; uncommitted I/O; and user selectable stepper or servo motion control.

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