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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.


A request for a loan that includes the information about the potential borrower, the property and the requested loan that the solicited lender needs to make a decision.

In a narrower sense, the application refers to a standardized application form called the “1003” which the borrower is obliged to fill out.

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You've deployed solid network security products, which means today's attack vector of choice is through your applications," reports Michael Gavin in his January 3, 2006 research titled Application Firewalls - Are they Worth the investment?
Students are utilizing a diverse array of application options, from the traditional paper application sent by snail mail to electronic applications submitted in various ways.
Enterprise organizations are recognizing that successful application delivery is dependent upon a coordinated effort between the network and application teams," said Mark Fabbi, Research Vice-President at Gartner, Inc.
In practice, application virtualization is most appropriately called application service virtualization.
However, it is anticipated that these components, collectively, might be too broad for a single application to address all three comprehensively.
Application Deadline: Annual early application deadline is 06-02.
Any interruption of access to application data can be devastating.
The receipt dates and the three annual review cycles are as follows: application receipt dates--5 April, 5 August, 5 December; initial review dates--June/July, October/November, February/March; secondary review dates--August/September, December/January, April/May; range of likely start dates--1 September-1 December, 1 January-1 March, 1 May-1 July.
Web, application, and database tiers) as well as multiple infrastructure services, such as firewalls and intrusion detection, are far more cost effective to operate, and provide the highest level of adaptability.
As part of this launch, Intel publicized the notion of "occasionally connected computing"--that is, applications that keep working productively even when there is no network connection--and encouraged application infrastructure vendors to deliver products to support this new vision.

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