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Objective (mutual funds)

The fund's investment strategy category as stated in the prospectus. There are more than 20 standardized categories. E.g. Aggressive growth, balanced.
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The apochromatic objective lenses of these telescopes typically produce razor-sharp high-magnification lunar and planetary views without noticeable levels of false color, or chromatic aberration.
ALTHOUGH SOMETIMES CONSIDERED a relic of the 19th century, the achromatic refractor continues to fill a niche among amateur astronomers who want the performance of an unobstructed optical system yet do not need an ultrapremium (and ultraexpensive) apochromatic objective.
The confocal setup consists of a circular confocal pinhole, a laser light source, LED illumination, a photomultiplier, a combination MEMS/galvanometer scan stage, and apochromatic objectives designed specifically for use with a near-UV system.