Apartment Building

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Apartment Building

A structure with several apartments in it. The apartments share a hallway or exterior walkway, though they are not otherwise connected to each other. Investors may purchase an apartment building to collect the rental income from tenants.
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apartment (building)

A building with multiple residential tenants.
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Summary: On a leafy street corner in Beirut's Monnot neighborhood, a yellow 1930s apartment block lies aging among trendy restaurants and shops.
It was felt the proposed apartment blocks, six storeys in height, would be too high and would affect the character of the area.
"Our goal is to proceed immediately to the demolition of the apartment blocks that have a problem and to repair the others," he said.
SALAR's procurement of permanent apartment blocks is the first national procurement in Sweden that municipalities will be able to use from 2017 and onwards.
He said: "Apartment blocks have been built, or buildings converted, without enough consideration for how they manage their waste and I think that in the past finding ways we can have a recycling service in the city centre has gone into the 'too difficult to do' category.
" But councillors ruled the cluster of seven houses and two apartment blocks were much more suitable than the old empty ces.
It was intended as a temporary measure, so that a study could be done into how apartment blocks would affect the social fabric of these areas.
In my apartment block, at least two residents on my floor have left lit candles or unprotected oil lamps unattended on their doorsteps.
What is surprising is the proportion of owner-occupiers here, which at 70 per cent is extremely high compared with many of the other apartment blocks."
The lower stories of the apartment block are still partially intact and will be gradually finished off using machines.
BT said Openreach is looking for around 1000 apartment blocks to take part in the pilot.
The location of Muharraq 207 is close to the Muharraq Central market and some of its flats are very old and dilapidated and remained deserted for long, found BNA.According to Al Mahmeed, the plan now is to remove the apartment blocks and replace them with fresh apartment blocks and also independent houses.

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