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Paying what is owed before it is due (usually to save interest charges).
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1. The payment of a debt in full before it is due. Prepayment is good for the borrower because it relieves him/her of the debt, but it deprives the lender of interest he/she would have received otherwise. As a result, some lenders attach prepayment penalties to loans to disincentivize prepayments. Prepayment can me a major risk to collateralized mortgage obligations as coupon payments are based on interest received from the underlying mortgages. Less commonly, this is called anticipation. See also: Prepayment risk.

2. Payment in advance for a good or service not yet received.
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Compared with 2014, a similar share of respondents expect lenders to have a very strong desire to make loans (83 percent of respondents anticipate a very strong appetite versus 87 percent in 2014) and more expect borrowers to have a very strong appetite to take out new loans (50 percent versus 43 percent in 2014).
Residential appraisers anticipate a different mix of business, predominantly from appraisal management companies (36 percent), financial institutions (34 percent) and property owners/buyers directly (33 percent).
BE includes contextual cues, which are not considered by low-experience people when they anticipate emotions.
39% of Welsh businesses anticipate making no change in employment, 33% believe they will recruit and 29% anticipate that their employment level will decrease.
In either case, the taxpayer might well anticipate an IRS challenge.
As the activity increases at the mine, airport manager Harley Nikkel anticipates regularly scheduled charter service to and from the mine.
Having executed a process that anticipates patient needs and completes many administrative functions in advance of the visit, the on-site administrative tasks of confirming registration, collecting co-pays and triggering patient arrival are reduced.
* Accomplishing tasks -- Executives who do this well are able to effectively question underlying assumptions and anticipate unintended consequences of various tactics.
unexpected urban possibilities for Buenos Aires), 2000-2002, a board game in which players respond to a disaster scenario and sometimes even anticipate actual events.
NHGRI anticipates that the state of the art for this approach is sufficiently advanced that, with additional investment, it may be possible to achieve proof of principle or even early commercialization for genome-scale sequencing within five years.
Anticipate that many of your peer schools will use discounting in the form of academic awards at a greater rate than in recent years, to persuade middle- and upper-middle-income students to enroll in their institutions.
Over time, we believe we can enhance the performance of the operation and anticipate accretive earnings per share by 2004 as the ramp up of the facility is achieved.