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Even with the restriction to quickly answered questions, elapsed time from asking to answering somewhat overstates answerer effort because an answerer may not notice a question immediately after submission, and because an answerer may pause for other projects or interruptions while preparing an answer.
In this case there were selected the best five streams for answering factoid questions and the best five for answering definition questions.
This third instrument measured preservice teachers' judgments of confidence before answering each practice midterm question.
I suppose it is possible for someone to maintain his or her dignity while not answering questions, but it is virtually impossible to maintain credibility.
Answering a question like this, or my other favorite, "I like girls, do you like girls?" required a specific kind of skill.
The advantage of the closed list is that you know exactly who is answering your question.
Similarly, Pagoo's Call Catcher ( picks up and records callers' voice messages just like an answering machine.
On Today, he denied that he had been given any aid in answering quiz-show questions.
Answering yes requires total honesty and a degree of nobility.
Implementation guidance is not a new phenomenon; the Board and its staff have been answering technical inquiries in a variety of ways since the inception of the Board.
DSP Asare, in answering the question showed pictures of the suspects to the Counsel and promised to later provide softcopies of the pictures to the Commission.
The Hollywood Ten are sentenced to a year in prison for not answering HUAC's questions.