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In many cases private annuities are an excellent vehicle to transfer assets to a related party and not run afoul of the Medicaid eligibility rules.
The disclosures described in paragraph (a) of this section are required in advertisements and promotional material for insurance products or annuities unless the advertisements and promotional materials are of a general nature describing or listing the services or products offered by the bank.
All of this was done in response to published findings by prominent economists, academicians and financial analysts (see appendix) indicating that retirement income plans with fixed annuities have a higher probability of allowing retirees to maintain a stable standard of living in retirement than do plans without such annuities.
variable: Annuities can also be classified as either fixed or variable.
A private annuity may be available when commercial annuities are not.
With more than $70 billion in assets (GAAP unaudited at 6/30/06)(a), Jackson National Life Insurance Company (Jackson) is an industry leader in variable, fixed and fixed index annuities.
Variable annuities have long offered tax deferral, investment convenience through a range of investment options, death benefits, and the option of converting to a kind of personal pension plan.
Fixed annuities guarantee a fixed rate of return on your investment, while the interest rate on variable annuities fluctuates.