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An individual who receives benefits from an annuity.


The beneficiary of an annuity. Depending on the type of annuity, the annuitant may be the person who paid into the annuity, or may be a relative or other designee of that person, such as a widow or widower.


The recipient of an annuity.


An annuitant is a person who receives income from an annuity. If you receive a distribution from an annuity that you or your employer buys with your 401(k) assets, you're the annuitant.

Similarly, you're the annuitant if you take distributions from a tax-deferred individual retirement annuity or from an individual annuity you buy with after-tax income.

If your beneficiary receives annuity income after your death, he or she becomes the annuitant. It's also possible to buy an annuity naming someone other than the buyer -- a disabled child, for example -- as annuitant.


A person who receives a pension or an annuity.
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If an annuitant dies before having recovered the full amount guaranteed under a refund or period-certain life annuity, the balance of the guaranteed amount is not taxable income to the refund beneficiary--until the total amount received tax-free by the annuitant plus the total amount received tax-free by the beneficiary equals the investment in the contract.
Starting with a given fund, it is possible to revise the payments to annuitants in the light of i) the amount remaining in the fund and ii) revised estimates of survival rates.
Our sample includes annuitants from 49,123 unique postcodes and 8,941 unique wards, out of a possible 1.
Annuitants should also actively network with bureau contacts, lobby for positions and send their resumes to bureau coordinators and contacts.
Splitting the points of initial contact into separate divisions will help SHS representatives to better understand and assist the specific personal and financial needs of lottery payment recipients versus structured settlement annuitants.
Single Life Annuity for life with return of purchase price (ROP) payable on death - A fixed amount, guaranteed at the policy inception, will be paid to the annuitant throughout his life.
Records show ELNY became insolvent in the early 2000s and attempts over the years to have a viable liquidation where all annuitants could be paid 100 cents on the dollar ultimately failed due to the market situation in the past decade, inaction, alleged department-wide mismanagement at the New York Liquidation Bureau and the general low interest rate environment of the past decade(s).
Work over the January 30-31 weekend transformed R&A Pay areas to ensure that the new workforce was aware that they were entering an organization built on the best analysis and planning possible, the best practices of the payroll and accounting industry, and a dedication to serving the nation's military retired and annuitant population.
We have also been told that new directives are forthcoming to ensure that any annuitants that are currently on fixed long-term contracts for the next few years will be forced to take their 35 days unpaid annuitant breaks during the reserve unit stand downs at Christmas, which, coincidentally, are just over a month in length.
The contractual obligation to the annuitant is solely the charity's and the annuity payments are dependent upon the continuing financial stability of the charity.
c) A life annuity involves payment of a periodic income for a period of time measured by the life of the annuitant or annuitants.
To avoid this, annuitants may structure the payout to last for the joint lifetimes of the annuitant and his or her spouse, or specify that the payments will continue to the annuitant's beneficiaries for a certain period if the annuitant dies prematurely