annual return

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Annual Return

The revenue an investment generates over a year as a percentage of the amount of capital invested. The annual return shows the number of years it will take to recover one's investment. For example, if one invests $1,000 and receives $150 in the first year of the investment, the rate of return is 15%, and the investor will recover his/her initial $1,000 in six years and eight months. Investors vary their required rates of return for different levels of risk.
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annual return

a document which must be completed by the COMPANY SECRETARY and DIRECTORS of a JOINT-STOCK COMPANY after its ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and forwarded to the COMPANY REGISTRAR. The annual return includes details about company directors, MORTGAGES and charges, the updated SHARE REGISTER and the ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS. Annual returns can be inspected by members of the public on payment of a fee.
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If your business is a company or a limited liability partnership (LLP) you must submit an annual return to Companies House.
Rental growth, which was 1% in December, compared to 0.5% across all property types, helped offices better other property annual returns in 2006, IPD said.
The annual return is one of the forms that may be filed electronically.
The difference between the two figures -the 1.5m pc return for the century and the 6.5pc annual return -is accounted for by the power of compound interest plus inflation.
LIVERPOOL & DISTRICT Anglers' Association have called an emergency meeting after annual returns from local fishing tackle shops revealed a frightening decline in membership card sales.
The research shows total annual returns on commercial property in the year to end July 2002 improved to 8.9 per cent up from 7.2 per cent in the year to end April 2002.
The average annual return on stocks--as measured by the Standard & Poor's 500 Index--was over 10%.
"They have also not filed an annual return, which is a very serious matter.
Aegon, which boasted a 38.6% annual return during the 1990s, excels at growing its stock value, Rafter said.
slugging averages, goals and assists per game, free throw percentages, points and assists per game, numbers of new customers per year, total revenue produced per year, ratio of revenue to cost of films, and total annual return of a mutual fund.
For the same level of investment, a Japanese manager is typically satisfied with one-third the annual return required by the U.S.

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