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The process by which a city or township expands its borders. The city or township may annex an unincorporated area or another municipality. The process is governed by state law and may require a vote by the affected people.


The process of joining property to another.Arises in two contexts: (1) Personal property is annexed to real property,becoming a part of it,and must remain if the property is sold or if a leasehold interest comes to an end. (2) Local governments expand their jurisdictional limits and tax bases by annexing property.The process is usually accomplished through local ballot and is generally hotly contested by groups of property owners who do not want to lose their independence or see an increase in property taxes.

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At the city council meeting about annexation last month, property owner Mack Beam said that after his land was annexed into Mesquite 11 years ago, officials cited him for violating codes based on "city living.
Annexation ensures new development complies with city codes.
These houses were in the Cordova Memphis Annexation Reserve but kept the same Shelby County schools, services, and taxes throughout.
If Canada continues its fair treatment of all settlers and does not make too much of an effort to divert the channels of trade from its natural course, there is no danger of any annexation sentiment in any part of Canada.
The annexation is the fourth and final portion of Deltic's 4,700-acre development.
Now it is a delight to come upon Ross's Annexation of Mexico--especially after reading traditional histories of Mexico.
Other areas - such as Middle Valley, near Chattanooga - didn't face an immediate threat of annexation but filed anyway, just in case any nearby city decided to grab them in the future.
This is an important first step for the future of annexation.
Abbott for making municipal annexation reform a priority during the special session.
Edwards had, until that time, been a strong supporter of annexation voting rights.