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The process by which a city or township expands its borders. The city or township may annex an unincorporated area or another municipality. The process is governed by state law and may require a vote by the affected people.


The process of joining property to another.Arises in two contexts: (1) Personal property is annexed to real property,becoming a part of it,and must remain if the property is sold or if a leasehold interest comes to an end. (2) Local governments expand their jurisdictional limits and tax bases by annexing property.The process is usually accomplished through local ballot and is generally hotly contested by groups of property owners who do not want to lose their independence or see an increase in property taxes.

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The annexation process usually takes up to 120 days, said Fairborn City manager Deborah McDonnell.
Bozievich has said the county's version of the plan is not legally defensible because it prohibits the annexation of land that has no registered voters on it.
Paul Brotzman, Santa Clarita's director of community development, told council members annexation would take time.
This sub-sample is labeled "Cordova 1990 Annexation Area"; but one area was annexed in 1977, while another area was annexed in 1990.
If Canada continues its fair treatment of all settlers and does not make too much of an effort to divert the channels of trade from its natural course, there is no danger of any annexation sentiment in any part of Canada.
The main part of the book covers the one and a half years between Austria's annexation to Germany and the beginning of the war.
During the immediate post--World War II period, the amount of political capital invested by London in pursuing annexation and fighting boundary extensions by Middlesex County and the surrounding townships revealed deep, inter-municipal rifts.
But I am rather disturbed that as a city we do not look closely at capital improvement costs associated with annexation.
For Ross, this anecdote would be one more small piece of the long story of annexation.
Local journalist Chris Lawrence, curator of the Memphis Watch Web site, offers two examples: "The recent annexation of the Wolfchase Galleria area has reduced police coverage to one police car per shift; the area's fire coverage is two Memphis firefighters in a pickup track followed by a county crew to do the actual work.
Dan Richards, lead attorney for the City in the matter, said, "This decision underscores the City's commitment to fair and reasonable negotiations on annexation issues.