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Numerous techniques have been employed to analytically approximate and numerically evaluate the half-order Fermi-Dirac functions [2,10-18] and half-order Bose-Einstein functions [5,17,18] (see Appendix).
Analytically competent organizations are working behind the scenes to shape these questions and develop effective answers.
Coming strongly on the side of "moderate intentionalism"--a term introduced by scholars in analytic philosophy but beautifully developed by Swirski in the context of literary studies--Literature, Analytically Speaking develops a series of arguments against interpreting artworks in terms of "hypothetical intentionalism" (grounded in the heuristic of an implied author).
The participants were then asked to complete a number of different tasks designed to assess whether they were thinking more analytically or more holistically.
* Ability to think conceptually and analytically with strong skills in problem solving and conflict resolution.
Are you looking for a simplified way to help your students think more critically and analytically? Both are important processes for students to learn, and one way to help students understand them is through problem-based learning (PBL).
So the team worked to analytically predict chain drive system resonance, as they assumed that the existence of chain resonances can amplify radiated chain meshing noise.
Gross flows data have been available from the CPS for decades, but researchers at the Bureau have developed methods to make the data more analytically useful and intelligible.
The Behavioral Development Bulletin is a ten year old journal with an excellent track record for behavior analytically oriented articles to child development.
This study factor analytically examined the convergence of three questionnaires used in previous research to measure night-sky related attitudes and behaviors in a sample of 72 college students.
New employees begin as front line support specialists, but are given every opportunity to progress to one of the back-office teams, which work more analytically to create a knowledge base of customer solutions.
A Study Of Major Political Thinkers In France From The Seventeenth To The Twentieth Century analytically surveys the French Revolution, Liberalism, Socialism and Maurras, as the French ideals took on effective attributes and influences.