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Patisiran, an investigational intravenously administered RNAi therapeutic targeting transthyretin in development for the treatment of hereditary ATTR amyloidosis, is designed to silence specific messenger RNA, potentially blocking the production of TTR protein.
This restructuring provides Alnylam with the opportunity to consolidate its ATTR amyloidosis business to maximize its value, and the opportunity for near-term acceleration of product revenue growth based on newly obtained rights to commercialize patisiran around the world, once approved.
A primary prevention that reduced the annual risk of new amyloidosis by 50% could decrease the prevalence of MCI by about 700,000 in 2060.
Amyloidosis is an uncommon disorder characterized by extracellular aggregations of abnormally folded proteins.
The study design was case series, including patients attending the Dermatology OPD of the hospital with clinical and histopathological evidence of cutaneous amyloidosis.
In the literature, there are very few studies describing the imaging findings of abdominal manifestations of amyloidosis (5-7) and they comprise mostly barium studies and ultrasonography (US) and few computed tomography (CT) examinations (2-6).
Great-grandad James is a regular visitor to the Centre for Amyloidosis & Acute Phase Proteins in London, who carry out research into the condition.
She was admitted for the evaluation of amyloidosis in January 2016.
Amyloidosis can be acquired or hereditary, systemic or localized.
The diagnosis of this patient is primary amyloidosis localized to larynx and tracheobronchial region without any systemic involvement.
Senile systemic amyloidosis affects 25% of the very aged and associates with genetic variation in alpha2-macroglobulin and tau: a population-based autopsy study.
Laryngeal amyloidosis is an uncommon lesion of the larynx characterized by deposition of extracellular fibrillar proteins in laryngeal tissues.