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Anything that makes a property, good, or service more appealing. For example, a grocer may offer free home delivery for the elderly, or a condo may offer free access to a gym.


Particular features that add to the value of a property, such as a whirlpool tub and steam shower in a house,or swimming pool and tennis courts in a condominium project.

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Judged by passengers themselves, the TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards are the industry's leading benchmark for amenity kit excellence and quality.
The third floor amenity area includes a state of the art health club, swimming pool, landscaped terrace, a fully equipped business center and children's playroom.
So much so that Amenity is even endorsed by a leading dermatologist for its ability to improve the look, feel and overall health of skin.
In positioning the Marc as the latest in luxury living in Midtown, we worked with The Moinian Group to create an amenity package unparalled in Manhattan rental buildings.
The third building provides a double-room layout, equipped with common bathroom configurations and multiple flexible amenity spaces per floor.
Intelligent building owners recognize that the Internet is a compelling and necessary amenity to offer today's modern tenants.
Whether you are an intense competitor or a casual weekend player, the new Hilton Garden Inn(R) Golf Amenity #18(a) is the perfect way for hotel guests to unwind while on the road.
Metropolitan Corporate Plaza benefits from The Goddard School, which is located next door and is promoted as an amenity to tenants.
When it comes to luxury living, spas are becoming what golf courses became 30 years ago -- a must-have amenity, providing aging baby boomers with their most important lifestyle requirements, namely health, wellness and fitness, pursued in a spa setting," said Spa Finder, Inc.
Day care is not a frequently offered amenity, with only eight percent of respondents offering on-site day care services.
In addition to serving as an amenity to the building, business centers fill a variety of other roles for building management.
As our club grows we will continue our mission to provide each member with a fabulous vacation or corporate retreat replete with every luxury and amenity available.