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Routehappy's Scores & Amenities API provides flight ratings worldwide, along with aircraft, seat, layout, entertainment, Wi-Fi, power, and fresh food amenities by flight.
In 2012 Concept Amenities established an independent charity known as Soap Aid.
The authors' measure of amenities, which comes from a marketing research survey, is the percentage of survey respondents in the area who named each hospital their first choice for best amenities.
For instance, long-term care, which often houses less ambulatory residents, can be sited near gardens, fountains, and other landscape amenities to provide an enjoyable view for residents who may not be able to go outdoors.
Rather than using amenities as a leasing gimmick, we try to get tenants to see the facility first as a stimulating business center.
Corporate Amenities is in the rent-to-rent business in the Dallas Ft Worth market.
Trump commented, "Our residents expect the ultimate in high-end services and amenities and that is why we have chosen a system designed to meet the needs of both our residents and building managers.
This trading off between wages and amenities is called "compensating differentials.
Having researched the market carefully, Wilton Station LLC developers have planned a mixed-use thriving village, complete with top-drawer residential amenities and on-site boutique retailers.
Building on the momentum of the highly successful first phase of the Hutchinson Metro Center office complex, Simone Development Companies has announced plans for The Towers at Hutchinson Metro Center, a 520,000-square-foot complex of two office towers featuring Manhattan quality office space, state-of-the-art amenities and a suburban-style campus setting.