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To change by some formal process. For example, one may amend a charter to change how a company operates. Likewise, one may amend a tax return to make it more accurate.


A change to an agreement; an attachment added after contract execution in order to modify or expand upon the original contract.

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The practical result of this portion of the Chavez decision is that statements taken in violation of Miranda that are suppressed, or otherwise never used to prosecute, do not violate the Fifth Amendment Self-Incrimination Clause and, therefore, cannot support a successful civil suit alleging a violation unless the plaintiff is able to make the unlikely "powerful showing" that suppression of the statement is not sufficient to remedy the violation.
They also argue that such an amendment would throw the economy into recession and bring a host of calamities upon us.
Based on the experience gained through implementation of the statute since its creation, the amendments now before the state Senate streamline the ECRA administrative process for businesses while protecting the public interest and providing more concise definitions to the statute.
The Fifth Amendment isn't, and wasn't, in any way necessary to outlaw the Star Chamber abuses it is said to protect us against.
The Minister's initiative and the passage of the Companies Amendment Act 2006 have definitely been well received by the Industry," stated Anthony Whaley, BIBA's Legislative Change Committee Chairman.
The Fifth Amendment prohibits double jeopardy (being tried twice for the same crime), the taking of private property for public use without compensation, and forced self-incrimination in criminal cases.
Amendment backers knew that the FMA--renamed the "Marriage Protection Amendment" just before going to the floor--had no chance of passage.
Schiff, whose district is home to a large concentration of Armenians, attached an amendment to a foreign-operations funding bill earlier this year that would forbid Turkey from using U.
In the national debate over gay rights it has suddenly springboarded in importance past adoption and gays in the military, especially with the possibility of a constitutional amendment to institutionalize marriage discrimination.
Congressman and New York Times publisher Henry Raymond accused Stevens of designing the amendment so that Southern states could not adopt it.
Another is that the world in 2006 is very different from the world in 1791, so the boundaries of the First Amendment are continually being tested.