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"The pilots have offered to negotiate on items like implementing industry-standard pay, giving pilots stronger benefit plans and defining the scope [of aircraft operations by the union], but the company refuses to provide realistic proposals that move the needle closer to an amendable contract," Kirchner said.
"Second, if the Government has not won a meaningful vote by Tuesday March 12, then it will - in addition to its obligations to table a neutral amendable motion under Section 13 of the EU Withdrawal Act - table a motion to be voted on by Wednesday March 13 at the latest, asking this House if it supports leaving the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement and a framework for a future relationship on March 29.
carriers that were members of AIRCON and includes contracts ratified between January 1, 1984, and December 20, 2002 (so that the sample includes contracts that became amendable as early as 1982, thus covering negotiating activity from 1982 to 2002).
"It is a fundamentally American belief, this belief in rights; it is what becomes of a nation with a written, amendable constitution and a philosophical affection for individualism.
"The transgenic mouse model is definitely a very exciting model, because the mouse is much more amendable to laboratory study and because we know a lot about mouse genetics," says Yen Li, a researcher at the New England Regional Primate Research Center in Southborough, Mass., where researchers study the AIDS-like simian immunodeficiency virus in rhesus monkeys.
The agreement was reached well ahead of an October 2018 amendable date.
ATI and ALPA have been negotiating amendments to the current collective bargaining agreement since it became amendable in May 2014.
The five-year contract with Pinnacle Airlines Inc replaces an agreement which became amendable on 31 January this year.
The pilot contract for the airline has become amendable in September 2006.
Although Rauscher admits he is "nervous" about the study, he says he believes the results are valid "until proven otherwise" and that "an awful lot of other cancers may be amendable (to this approach)." For decades researchers have been looking at tumor-associated antigens as possible cancer markers and as signposts to better therapy, without the dramatic results reported this week However, even if the new antigen were to enter the commercial-production pipe-line soon, says Rauscher, it likely would be five to seven years before it would be widely available.
The existing five-year contract, which was approved by members in 2014, becomes amendable in December 2019.