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8] Because type II alveolar cells secrete surfactant, the majority of which is dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine, the alcian blue dye will give a blue color to mucopolysaccahrides present in or on the cells.
Alkaline phosphatase activity, density of protein staining and frequency of alveolar cell population was determined by the modified techniques (Elsayed et al.
The histopathological changes including number of alveoli, alveolar diameter and secretory alveolar cell population significantly decreased in mastitic cattle.
In this instance, University of Minnesota researchers were able to turn the MLPC into type II alveolar cells, which was confirmed by the presence of a definitive type II alveolar cell marker Co surfactant protein C (SPC).
Turning a cord blood stem cell into an alveolar cell represents a significant milestone in stem cell research," said David McKenna, M.
1-3) Two decades later, a possible human form of jaagsiekte was reported in the English literature; it was termed alveolar cell carcinoma.
They then examined the pathology and described emphysema and cyst formation, at electasis, fibrosis with dense subpleural scars, chronic inflammation, pigment deposition, alveolar cell proliferation, bronchial lesions with peribronchial fibrosis, and vascular lesions.
19] This term has been used extensively but has not been defined in terms of quantitative criteria, although it has been reported that type II pneumocytes account for 10% of the alveolar cell population in normal lung tissue obtained under ideal conditions of fixation and preparation.
To elucidate the function of TAZ in NSIP by analyzing the differences in TAZ expression between the two types of NSIP, we compared TAZ expression levels in fibroblasts, bronchiolar cells, and alveolar cells between the NSIP cellular and fibrotic groups.
Surfactant: Lipoprotein complex formed by alveolar cells that helps ensure the lungs' ability to expand during respiration, regulate the size of the alveoli, and prevent fluid accumulation in the lungs; also plays a role in innate immunity of the lungs.