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An accounting term used to describe entries on a profit and loss statement for expenses that might become necessary in the future. Examples include an allowance for bad debt, in which a certain percentage of income is deducted because of the likelihood it will be uncollectible.

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His retiring pension and allowances, it is well known, die with him.
We must make allowances for a man who suffers under Dexter's infirmities, and lives Dexter's life.
I don't want any sum,' replied her disconsolate husband; 'I shall require no demd allowance.
Blake would perhaps kindly make allowance for the old-fashioned habits of a practical man.
There being nobody by, however, but a pauper old woman, who was rendered rather misty by an unwonted allowance of beer; and a parish surgeon who did such matters by contract; Oliver and Nature fought out the point between them.
All I say is, kings is kings, and you got to make allowances.
Nor will they barely make allowances for the errors which may be chargeable on the fallibility to which the convention, as a body of men, were liable; but will keep in mind, that they themselves also are but men, and ought not to assume an infallibility in rejudging the fallible opinions of others.
His contention is that racing, without time allowances for anything else but tonnage - that is, for size - has fostered the fine art of sailing to the pitch of perfection.
It is needless to say that I made the allowances and gave the promise--gave it, resolving seriously to abide by it.
Ah, yes, I understand," said the King; "you have been promoted and given increased pay and allowances.
With respect to the distinct species of the same genus, which on my theory must have spread from one parent-source; if we make the same allowances as before for our ignorance, and remember that some forms of life change most slowly, enormous periods of time being thus granted for their migration, I do not think that the difficulties are insuperable; though they often are in this case, and in that of the individuals of the same species, extremely grave.
He had made allowances for her, but the ideal girl would have had no need of allowances.

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