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A recent study has targeted an allosteric site of NS2B-NS3 complex and they have identified certain compounds for the inhibition (hfNPS) of the protease (Shiryaev et al., 2017).
Those studies indicate that the OH-PCBs may bind primarily to a proposed allosteric site. The current crystal structure, however, places the PCB molecule in the E2 position in the active site.
More recently, cannabinoid research in his laboratory led to the discovery that cannabinoid receptors that mediate the cannabis-induced "high" and also many of the often beneficial effects of endocannabinoids, contain allosteric sites. These are sites through which the effects of drugs that activate cannabinoid receptors directly can be strengthened or weakened by "allosteric modulators".
Two kinds of interfaces have been classified in the Hb tetramer: allosteric sites located at [[alpha].sub.1]-[[beta].sub.1] and [[alpha].sub.2]-[[beta].sub.2] interfaces, which could be intended as allosteric interfaces.