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Accounting Principles Board

A committee of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants that advised on and set standards for financial record keeping. It was dissolved in 1973 and replaced by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.
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Otherwise, I would not be sending out an all-points bulletin. Issuing a call like this is risky, because bad news tends to spread, and distress can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
He said the town put out an all-points bulletin and tracked down a National Grid crew member Monday.
An all-points bulletin was put out for "a young white male, well-dressed," who was running from a brick building across the street from the Lorraine Hotel, where Dr King's car was parked at the time of the shooting.
* This just in: All-points bulletin for her accomplice, Bully Buddha.
"The Sudanese authorities put out an all-points bulletin and started an immediate manhunt," spokesman Kemal Saiki said.
Broe suggests, "the film noir tough-guy language, which is often read as simply the protagonist's cynicism, is explicitly presented as a contesting the integrity of a working-class position when confronted with the raw power of an opposing class." [69] Then again, "Just as the empire Western [...] positioned the spectator behind the barrel of a rifle firing at the Native American (and metaphorically taking aim at the budding anti-colonial movements) [.], so too the crime film positioned its viewer behind the wheel of the squad car responding to an all-points bulletin in a working-class neighborhood." [87-8]
Police have issued an all-points bulletin for his arrest.
The police released some of the details of a suspect of murder of MP Sanjar Kadyraliev.An Asian man aged 30-35 years with a cap on his head is presumed to have shot the lawmaker.Information about a wanted suspect was given in an all-points bulletin.Sanjar Kadyraliev's father, Karymshak, arrived from Osh.
The men from my camp put out an all-points bulletin on the bearded hunter.
But short of phoning the coastguard and putting out an all-points bulletin for any ginger-haired marauding hordes in long boats, there's not much more she can do.
This, of course, is the equivalent of an all-points bulletin to Nancy and her two friends (the wonderful pair of Jill Marie Jones and Rachel True).

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