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Keeping in view the devastating consequences of work alienation, Shantz, Alfes, Bailey, and Soane (2015) recently recognized the need to identify other drivers of work alienation apart from task variety, task identity, social support, and autonomy to make decisions.
Thus, this paper focuses on how "organizational cynicism" may lead to alienation. Apart from this, the purpose of this paper is to explore the role of organizational cynicism as a mediator towards work alienation.
We anticipated that overqualification might negatively affect employees' job crafting via its impact on work alienation. Thus, increased person--organization misfit would cause greater work alienation, resulting in employees exhibiting fewer extrarole behaviors.
Joan Meier, professor at George Washington University, analyzed the social science research on parental alienation and offered an abuse-sensitive approach for courts and practitioners in her article, "Parental Alienation Syndrome and Parental Alienation: A Research Review." (A link to the article is available with this column at
An alienation refers to where children have been told by the other parent that the parent they're not seeing is bad, or doesn't like them, or doesn't care about them.
Marx discussed economic and social alienation of workers from their labour, Dr Jan maintained.
For a long time those charged with looking after children's welfare have been aware of parental alienation in family law proceedings.
With historical and contemporary works by Nordic and international artists, and taking place in several sites around the industrial town of Moss, Norway, the exhibition entertained fantastic, mundane, speculative and tangible manifestations of alienation. One of the show's more visible (and most photographed) works, situated in one of the two main biennial venues, Galleri F 15, was Patricia Piccinini's sculpture Atlas, 2012.
This essay uses one possible understanding of the concept of alienation to explain the genesis of the movement, as well as the dialectic of its development through internal divisions.
Sound familiar?--that behavior, deliberately trying to sabotage a child's relationship with the other parent, has a name: parental alienation. It is a topic familiar to most people but, in social, psychological, and legal realms, it is understudied and underdiscussed.
Hershey, the South Dakota Supreme Court recognized that the tort of alienation of a child's affections was a viable cause of action under the state's alienation statute.
12,318 (2010), the Parental Alienation Law, was created to prevent parents with custody of children, from denying access to children after a divorce or separation and to combat the slow pace of justice, as it establishes faster handling of the process, avoiding damage caused by indefinite separation between parents and children.