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This paper proposes an image rotation invariance recall algorism based on Log-Polar and Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform.
Kinect is a camera technology embedding a 3D sensor and highly advanced algorism into a device and it has achieved success in recognizing gestures.
In this case, we can include not only raw data but also the outcomes of data analysis or predictions, a new data market to be created by AI, as well as the expected values for risk reduction represented by algorisms, in "the Asset" - changed from "Data".
For the most 6-DOF parallel robot, the nonlinear direct kinematic equations can be solved by the algorisms using Newton method [4, 11], homotopy method [5], neural network [6] and algebraic elimination [7].
In order to overcome this issue, NEC developed unique algorisms to precisely estimate the contents of SSL traffic and implemented functions that automatically apply the appropriate traffic flow control based on estimated contents.
The mechanism and algorisms for this pedometer (HJ-112 is the English version of HJ701IT) have been found to be valid and reliable based on the findings of recent studies (Hasson et al.