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A transaction in which a customer receives back money he/she had previously deposited at a bank, pension, or trust. When one makes a withdrawal on a pension or similar plan, it may carry a penalty depending on the pension's rules. For example, one must usually be of a certain age in order to make a withdrawal. There is rarely such a penalty when making a withdrawal from a bank. For instance, when one closes an account, the client makes a withdrawal on all the money he/she owns at that bank.


A withdrawal is money you take out of your banking, brokerage firm, or other accounts.

If you withdraw from tax-deferred retirement accounts before you turn 59 1/2, you may owe a 10% early withdrawal penalty plus any income tax that's due on the amount you've taken out.

In everyday usage, the term withdrawal is used interchangeably with distribution to describe money you take from your tax-deferred accounts, though distribution is actually the correct term.

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There are many potential causes that lead to mental dysfunction; among them, infections and alcohol withdrawal are two of the common causes.
Carbamazepine and valproate as adjuncts in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome: a retrospective cohort study.
alcohol withdrawal seizures (46%) was more prevalent, whereas in 56-65 yrs.
Another concern, and "probably the most dreadful of them all," is delirium tremens (DTs), a severe symptom of alcohol withdrawal that occurs in about 10% of patients with AWS.
She noticed a lack of standardized treatment in the work environment, and knew from talking to her colleagues that nurses and providers could be better educated about patients at risk for alcohol withdrawal as well as its sequelae.
The goal of pharmacotherapy in cases of alcohol withdrawal is to ensure safe and effective symptom relief and facilitate successful completion of detoxification, as an introduction to abstinence and rehabilitation.
He was admitted for observation and treated with benzodiazepines and haloperidol, a neuroleptic, for presumed alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
We aimed to evaluate the correlation between CDT and severity of alcohol withdrawal and to compare CDT with other markers such as gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) and mean corpuscular volume (MCV).
Appendices offer forms and a review of pharmacological management of alcohol withdrawal.
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) may occur when one is physically dependent on alcohol and abruptly stops consuming it.
When he was released, he was suffering from alcohol withdrawal, leading him to steal the pounds 8.

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