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Analysis on the influential mechanism of financial services on agricultural production efficiency
This cooperation framework seeks to harmonize and align globally the practice of Agricultural Engineering in ASEAN into Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering," said Rodriguez.
Shinn (1987) stated the quality of an agricultural education teacher's laboratory instruction directly impacts the effectiveness of the total program.
Iowa State University was the first institution to offer courses in agricultural journalism in 1905 (Duncan, 1957).
Denizli earned 400 million USD from the exports of agricultural products in 2010.
In an article entitled "How We Eat: 2004," (Rural Migration News, January 2006), Martin posits that a tightening of the agricultural labor market, achieved by decreasing the number of aliens in the field, would lead to a 40 percent increase in farm labor wages, and a mere $9 per year increase in food costs to the average American household.
The EU is already a key market for Latin American exports of agricultural products, most of which benefit from the [Generalized System of Preferences] or the GSP-plus preferential regimes.
However, the agricultural children did perform significantly worse on two tests: finger tapping (which measures response speed) and a test for visual memory.
Yet direct food aid to Eritrea, for instance, was 40 times the aid to agricultural development.
Agricultural workers and businesses will receive a five-year tax exemption to be followed by a reduced tax rate, which will ease the burden on agricultural management organizations.
Elimination of agricultural protection and subsidies in industrial countries would boost world agricultural prices, because domestic production would decline and import demand rise in these countries.
Enrollment in agricultural education at the secondary level and in higher education is on the rise.

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