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I showed that, when the now-standard view about inflation was developed in the 1970s, increases in aggregate demand above levels consistent with full employment were actually few, short-lived, and small, and that past inflation jumps had been incorporated into future expectations not rapidly, but slowly over time.
On the other hand, whereas loosening would strengthen the outlook for growth by stimulating domestic aggregate demand through reduced cost of borrowing, it could aggravate upward trend in consumer prices and generate exchange rate pressures.
Average Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation during 2017-18 is expected to increase by around 6 per cent as anticipated higher aggregate demand, greater monetary expansion and impact of rising global prices would put upward pressure on inflation.
Self-described Keynesians believe that recessions - or at least, most of them - are caused by shortfalls in aggregate demand, which the government then needs to rectify.
In the eurozone, for example, aggregate demand in many member countries has been constrained by, among other things, Germany's large current-account surplus, which amounted to 8.
Improvement in aggregate demand and, as a result, inflation closing on its target, is supported by both the phasing out of the tight monetary policy and fiscal stimulus.
The implicit assumption in previous studies is that the aggregate demand for lottery tickets ([X.
For example, reducing the size of the state-enterprise sector is necessary, yet would be certain to depress aggregate demand at a time when demand is already soft.
Keywords Inflation * Exchange rate * Aggregate demand * Elasticity
Public-sector investment is now below the level needed to sustain robust growth, owing to its insufficient contribution to aggregate demand and productivity gains.
The authors look at local labor markets to study the reallocation effect from growing trade with China, in which declining manufacturers move to new opportunities, and study aggregate demand effects by which domestic consumption and investment may be depressed, extending employment losses to sectors not otherwise exposed to import competition.
Q3 aggregate demand at the Susan Lake Pit increased significantly compared with the first half of the year, and aggregate demand is expected to remain active through Q4 2014.

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