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Secondary Market

The market for all investors in a security, except for the first ones to whom a new issue of a security is sold. The secondary market consists of all sellers and buyers, except for the issuer and the first group of investors who bought the issue. The secondary market is often less volatile than the primary market because it is easier to determine the underlying value of a security after it has already begun trading. Nearly all trading of a security occurs on the secondary market.


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While mechanical products will remain the largest light vehicle aftermarket segment, electronic products -- which include autosound, electronic controls and modules, security systems and navigation products -- will see the fastest growth through 2011.
com), North American Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions Aftermarket, reveals that this market generated revenue of $4.
The EDM/HDX alliance allows companies in the heavy duty, automotive and industrial aftermarket industries to take advantage of the industry-wide, open standards defined by HDX when transferring inventory data with trading partners to facilitate Vendor Managed Inventory.
McCabe recently delivered the defining presentation at the annual eForum Conference of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), where he shared Dana's plan for the management and distribution of product information between divisions and to Dana customers.
TEN has grown its market share in both ride control and exhaust, despite an overall down aftermarket, largely supported by a strong flow of new products and successful product repositionings.
This has led to the development of a new generation of diagnostic equipment for franchised dealers that is now being extended to the aftermarket.
Established in 1987, JG and LightSpeed are well-known industry leaders in the import-racing arena and in the aftermarket for providing workable alternatives to the import concept.
The second reason we're so confident the Performer IAS will succeed in this market is that it's already passed the rigorous road testing given to it by some of the most demanding drivers we know: the performance enthusiasts who make up the bulk of our traditional aftermarket customer base," Edelbrock continued.
Aftermarket field of use, previously restricted to automotive,
We are very pleased with this sizeable order by the nation's most respected name in Harley-Davidson aftermarket accessories," said Boyd Coddington, Boyds Wheels chief executive officer.
This ongoing research is used to complement the Automotive Aftermarket Custom Subscription, which includes studies on the U.