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The probability of food insecurity was halved from one end of the observed after-tax income distribution to the other.
after-tax income of a credit union that qualified for the small business deduction; and
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was used to determine differences in total effective tax rates, share of after-tax income, and amount of after-tax income by presidential term (Reagan, G.
In a longer time perspective young singles had the slowest rise in household income with an average after-tax income of NOK166,200 in 2001, an increase of 14% as compared to the year 1990.
20) The progressivity of the current income tax makes the distribution of after-tax income somewhat less unequal than the distribution of pretax income.
9 million in after-tax income from Longs' wholly owned RxAmerica pharmacy benefits management company (PBM), versus $600,000 in the fiscal 2001 period, when the PBM was a joint venture of Longs and Albertson's Inc.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, they found the average household real after-tax income of married single earner households fell $1,600 (1986 dollars) between 1973 and 1986, while the same measure rose $800 for married dual earner households (Rubin and Riney 1995, 102-103).
Before their August recess, Congress approved a tax bill that gives most of the tax cuts to the households at the top whose after-tax income already has risen sharply.
For instance, before the 1986 Tax Reform Act, many high-income parents shifted some of their income to their children to maximize the family's after-tax income.
This represents about 5 percent of that individual's after-tax income.
0 million net income after-tax for the twelve months ended December 31, 2006, compared to $887,000 after-tax income for the same period 2005, a 12.
Reaves Utility Income Fund is a diversified closed-end management investment company that aims to provide an after-tax income and total return consisting primarily of tax-advantaged dividend income and capital appreciation.