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For Qatari parented groups these are very important as they have the potential to impact after-tax cash flow. KPMG has one of the largest tax teams in Qatar, employing over 25 specialist staff, well equipped to deal with clients' in-country and overseas tax needs.
This section presents a simple model for the required expected return in a net after-tax cash flow and shows how that return is affected by the specifics of the tax system.
These lower rates increase after-tax cash flow and, therefore, corpotate valuations.
Highlights of the PEA include: After-tax Net Present Value: $92.2M at an 8% discount rate; After-tax Internal Rate of Return: 75%; After-tax Payback Period: 4.6 years; Life of Mine Capital Cost:$104.5M; Net After-tax Cash Flow: $150.6M; Total Operating Unit Cost: $41.36/tonne; Plant Processing Rate: Currently 650 tonnes per day growing to 1,200 TPD by Q1 2019 and 2,700 TPD by mid-2021; Average Silver Recovery Rate 87%; Mine Life: 9 years based on existing Mineral Resource Estimate; Life of Mine Silver Production: 30M Ounces.
If this method appeals to you as a way to address possible market volatility, our office can go over your plan to illustrate how various portfolio assets can be delivered to you as after-tax cash flow.
The after-tax cash flow from IRA distributions could be used to fund gifts for a life insurance policy owned by an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT).
"Given people's life expectancies and the impact of inflation," Sommer said, and "the fact that people must live on after-tax cash flow, not pretax balances because of long-term capital gains [ ] it's really important for advisors to have a balanced approach with those clients who aren't in retirement.
Assuming a 30% income tax rate, which could be withheld directly from the IRA payment, a net after-tax cash flow of $37,310 will be available to the couple.
It is essential for individuals to proactively review their various stock option holdings with a view toward tax planning to ensure after-tax cash flow is maximized.
Buyers justify purchase price by the after-tax cash flow they expect to earn.
The company has affirmed its 2011 guidance range for earnings of USD3.35-USD3.75 per diluted share and for after-tax cash flow of USD669-USD696m.