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The City will now sell the site to PRDG for a nominal fee in exchange for the design and construction of their mixed-use development that includes affordable housing for New Yorkers of low, middle, and moderate-in-comes.
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme by building affordable housing.
For fully one third of the nation's working and low-income families, securing affordable housing has become a grave challenge.
Prime Minister Paul Martin told community activists in Montreal that the federal Liberal election platform will include a five-year plan to fund affordable housing, a departure from a decade of government policy.
Both candidates agreed the state should offer incentives to build affordable housing.
The letter was prompted by Congress' attempt to designate zero new housing subsidy vouchers as part of its planned $4 billion (13 percent) cut in the affordable housing budget for fiscal year 2000.
The New Jersey Coalition for Affordable Housing and the Environment (CAHE) has had to be deliberate and careful about trust building from the start.
94-1 provides guidance on how to account for investments in limited partnerships that operate qualified affordable housing projects.
Almost all newly constructed affordable housing units in the past few years have been financed with the program, according to the National Council of State Housing Agencies.
A major barrier to housing access is the two-edged sword of a decade-long decline in affordable housing stock, and the rising cost of housing in relation to income.
IHS provides innovative financial solutions, including debt and equity to owners and developers of affordable housing projects.
That was a time of strong social consciousness and activism, a time when the Urban Development Corporation was just starting up and a lot of affordable housing and middle income housing, like Mitchell Lama housing, was really starting to get off the ground," Bee said.

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