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A person who signs an affidavit. The affiant certifies under penalty of perjury that the statements contained in the affidavit are true to the best of his/her knowledge.


A person who makes a written statement under oath by way of an affidavit.

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The third affidavit requires the affiant to aver that service
In one case, the court representative even provided the list of questions to the affiant ahead of the hearing.
And while the affiant may not have personal knowledge, the
A sham affidavit is a contradictory affidavit that indicates only that the affiant cannot maintain a consistent story or is willing to offer a statement solely for the purpose of defeating summary judgment.
The affiant had to have personal knowledge, and was accountable in tort if the suspected items were not found (p.
31) The affidavit of support is a legally binding contract enforceable against the affiant (i.
The first word, affiant, is a legalism for 'one who swears to an affidavit.
The affiant may also rely upon the expertise of others.
Steinberg and Associates in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (APMR) filed a motion for summary judgment alleging that the plaintiff failed to file a valid affidavit of merit under applicable state law because Bujarski, the notary, testified that, while she signed the jurat on each affidavit acknowledging that the affidavit was subscribed and sworn to before her, she did not know either affiant, Gonzales or Thomas, she did not witness their signatures, she did not verify the affiants' identities and she did not administer an oath to either affiant.
As a matter of personal curiosity I have asked the affiant DEA agents the question: `Are we winning the war on drugs?
Your affiant viewed the white Subaru along with agents from the FBI," wrote Chenault and Doyle, using a masterful grammatical construction that gave both of them deniability.