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In synch" advertising campaign is aiming to rebrand the United States' fourth-largest property/casualty insurer.
The combined effort of the AICPA's and state societies' advertising campaigns certainly will result in broader reach and more frequent messages among those who use or buy CPAs' services.
Music is such an integral part of Louisiana's culture, it was a logical choice to position it as the basis of our advertising campaign.
The deal was part of the ONDCP's $1 billion, five-year anti-drug advertising campaign approved by Congress in 1997.
So well that he has created advertising campaigns that sold out many of Manhattan's toniest - and highest priced - residential properties, frequently before the buildings were completed.
The state parties played almost no role in deciding on the details of this arrangement and were simply used as vehicles for the Democratic National Committee to funnel more money than directly allowed on an advertising campaign promoting the president's re-election, according to the interviews and documents.
Reynolds admitted no wrongdoing but agreed to release internal marketing documents about the advertising campaign.
Dahlman, President and CEO, stated, "The direct email campaign coupled with our $10,000,000 advertising campaign to mainstream media publications is going well.
Company's 2006 Growth Fueled by Growing Demand for Mobile Advertising Campaigns and Availability of the World's Largest Mobile Advertising Inventory
Spot Runner breaks down those barriers by providing jewelry retailers with a simple and affordable turnkey tool to implement a highly effective local TV advertising campaign.
ARS Impact Campaign measures the breakthrough and persuasive power of each individual touchpoint in the context of the campaign, as well as the synergistic effects of the advertising campaign as a whole.

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