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Adversarial learning (Tygar 2011) is an instance of machine learning by which two entities called the learner and adversary attempt to learn a prediction mechanism for data related to a problem domain at hand, albeit with different objectives.
This was not surprising, really, when you consider that IPB is an indispensable tool for planning and considering the nature and effects of the relevant environment and the adversary. This includes IPB's corresponding joint doctrine, joint intelligence preparation of the operational environment; and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) doctrine, comprehensive preparation of the operational environment.
The US Air Force has announced it will award a USD 6 billion, 10-year contract to multiple companies with its creation of a private adversary air (ADAIR) that changes the way fighter pilots train, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 28, 2019-USAF creates private adversary air to train pilots
Travel Business Review-January 28, 2019-USAF creates private adversary air to train pilots
He was as good an ally as he was an adversary,' he said in his twitter message.
US deterrence policy and strategy, however, has proven slow to respond to adversary hybrid strategies, as US strategic thought on deterring nuclear-armed potential adversaries has struggled to keep up.
Once the system or network is compromised, the adversary blends in with normal traffic, making their detection difficult.
Definition 1: Given [??]P, aP, bP, cP[??] [member of] [G.sub.1] for some a, b, c [member of] [Z.sub.q.sup.*], the BDH assumption is that, there is no probabilistic polynomial-time adversary A with a non-negligible probability that can compute e[(P, P)] [member of] [G.sub.2].
A bankruptcy court awarded some fees incurred to recover the debtor's wrongly garnished wages, but said that counsel should have resolved the issue in the bankruptcy proceeding rather than filing two additional adversary suits.
[O]perations must introduce unpredictability to adversary decisionmakers....