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An informal term for a stock or other security that has risen in price over a given period. For example, if a stock opens at $5 and closes at $5.25, it is said to be an advancer for that trading day. See also: Decliner.


Stocks that have gained, or increased, in value over a particular period are described as advancers.

If more stocks advance than decline -- or lose value -- over the course of a trading day, the financial press reports that advancers led decliners. When that occurs over a period of time, it's considered an indication that the stock market is strong.

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PMC-Sierra (NASDAQ:PMCS) is leading the advancers today, and was last seen higher by more than four percent.
Decliners outnumbered the advancers by a margin of 17 to 11 and the prices of 24 companies remained unchanged.
Consumer finance, pharmaceutical and bank issues were notable advancers, while marine transportation, metal products and mining shares were the main decliners.
Declining issues outnumbered advancers by more than a 2-to-1 margin on the New York Stock Exchange, where volume totaled 360.
The advancers outnumber the decliners, but the decliners are showing the biggest moves.
Decliners outnumbered the advancers by a margin of 15 to 13 and the prices of 24 companies remained unchanged.
Securities, marine transportation and telecom issues were the main decliners, while airline, precision instrument and glass and ceramics issues were notable advancers.
Decliners topped advancers 597 to 230, while 65 others ended unchanged.
Dealers expressed concern on the declining utilities sector and continued negative "breath" between advancers and decliners.
Advancers outnumbered the decliners by a margin of 23 to 10 and the prices of 18 companies remained unchanged.
Securities houses, insurance firms and drugmakers were notable advancers, while rubber makers, real estate firms and oil distributors were the main decliners.

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