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In 2013, the Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) passed a resolution explicitly stating the need to build on the principles of primary health care (PHC), to promote PHC-based health systems, and to develop training for advanced practice nurses, as part of the strategy for achieving universal health coverage and universal health (1).
Recommendation: To meet the access needs of those suffering from opioid use disorders in acquiring medication-assisted treatment, recommendations exist to ensure advanced practice nurses are practicing to the greatest extent of their scope of practice in New Mexico with the appropriate education and training to prescribe and monitor Buprenorphine treatment (Strobbe & Hobbins, 2012).
While there's debate over whether advanced practice nurses need to have docs peeking over their shoulders, there's little doubt that Massachusetts would see a health care traffic jam if patients had to depend solely on primary care doctors for their needs.
New Mexico is among the 17 states that, along with the District of Columbia, allow advanced practice nurses to provide health care without physician supervision.
Advanced practice nurses in Missouri can benefit women and childbearing families by actively supporting midwifery care in their communities.
The advanced practice nurse in nephrology nursing refers exclusively to those caring for patients.
Just as the NP role was created in the primary care setting in response to economic conditions, a new role is emerging for the advanced practice nurse in acute care.
Advanced Practice Nurses Influence Survival of Elderly Cancer Patients
The Physician Executive: Why do we need Columbia Advanced Practice Nurse Associates [CAPNA] in addition to the physicians who have been serving people in Manhattan?
The most recent national figures available show the average salary for an advanced practice nurse is $52,532, compared to $36,400 for a registered nurse.
A popular new feature of our monthly meetings involves a member who shares his/her history as an advanced practice nurse.

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