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So how do the TREAT and CARA Acts apply to New Mexico and more specifically, to advanced practice nurses in New Mexico?
Health care leaders also envision better care and lower costs arising from teamwork, with that team including advanced practice nurses who historically have been required to be registered nurses with a master's degree as a nurse practitioner with a population focus -- for example: family, adult-gerontology or pediatrics.
While New Mexico also allows advanced practice nurses to prescribe Schedule II controlled substances, Texas' law only allows advanced nurses who've been granted authority by a physician to prescribe those drugs in a hospital-based or hospice care setting.
* The advanced practice nurse in nephrology nursing refers exclusively to those caring for patients.
At the most recent meeting of the Nursing Organizations Alliance, a coalition of more than 70 nursing specialty groups, discussion ensued regarding efforts by physician groups (Scope of Practice Partnership) to ultimately limit the American public's access to quality health care providers of their choice (such as advanced practice nurses).
Evaluation of the advanced practice nurse role in acute and specialty care.
The Physician Executive: Why do we need Columbia Advanced Practice Nurse Associates [CAPNA] in addition to the physicians who have been serving people in Manhattan?
Susan Phillips is an Advanced Practice Nurse who is in a doctoral leadership program at the University of Phoenix, School of Advanced Studies.
* Change the title of Advanced Practice Nurse to Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).
Each year, Franklin Square honors a nurse in each of its service lines as well as an advanced practice nurse, distinguished nurse in a support role and an outstanding nurse leader.
Georgia law defines an advanced practice nurse as one who has met the requirements established by the Board to engage in advanced nursing practice and who holds a master's degree or other graduate degree from an approved nursing education program and national board certification in his or her area of specialty (see O.C.G.A.

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