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A person who has reached the age of majority. This age is usually 18, but may be 17 in criminal cases or 21 in other cases. An adult is legally permitted to enter a contract, do business, or conduct any other activity without permission or countersignature by a parent or guardian


One who has gained the age of majority, usually 18 or 21 depending on the state. Sometimes, younger people can take legal steps to remove the “disabilities of nonage,” after which they will be treated as legal adults even though under the requisite age. Only adults have the legal capacity to enter into contracts or sell property. Minors may own real estate, but, because of the inability to enter contracts, they cannot effectively manage it, obtain a mortgage, or sell the property. If such actions should prove necessary, the child's legal guardian will usually have to ask a court for permission for the proposed action.The court will then appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the child's interests, in case the guardian has a conflict of interest or clouded judgment.

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But having a psychiatric diagnosis or a close call dramatically raised the odds that adulthood would have rough patches.
The challenges, difficulties, and rewards one seeks or encounters upon entry into adulthood are some of the best material a novelist could ask for, and the protagonists, not being fully formed, are the perfect medium for the novelist's imagination.
When they reached 45, they filled in another questionnaire on the amount and kind of pain they had experienced in adulthood.
KEY WORDS: adolescent mothers; educational attainment; high school; transition to adulthood
To describe changes in intake during the transition from middle adolescence to young adulthood and identify baseline correlates of calcium intake in young adulthood, US researchers analysed data from Project EAT (Eating Among Teens).
A total of 93 members supported the amendment, which defined adulthood as starting at the age of 18.
He also wrote and starred in both Kidulthood and Adulthood, and directed the latter.
The news is of concern because, although high blood pressure in middle age is a well known risk factor for cardiovascular disease, it was previously unknown what the consequences of low-level elevations in young adulthood might be.
Dietary patterns in childhood may affect risk for certain cancers in adulthood.
Instead of being part of a work that's the result of the daily grind of a soap opera, we see her as one of the stars of the movie ADULTHOOD, the gritty new flick from the same people that brought us Kidulthood two years ago.
Over twenty ideas to celebrate ones child marching toward adulthood with thirty songs to celebrate with, along with invaluable and sage wisdom and advice for parents who don't want to let go, among other information.
Six chapters on the major life-stages (infancy, childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood and young adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood) constitute the bulk of the volume, where the interweaving of the two disciplinary strands is accomplished.