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In business, a slang term for mundane matters (such as filling out forms) that managers do not want or simply refuse to do. Secretaries and lower-ranking managers may handle administrivia.


Slang term meaning the nondeal points contained in small print in documents written by lawyers,especially seemingly nonsensical items such as “The masculine shall include the feminine and the singular shall include the plural.”

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The desktop manager, however, is convinced that performing efficiently in all manner of administrivia can mask inadequate people management.
The scan," continues Golden, "confirmed what our directors instinctively knew about how the world in which they were doing business had changed, giving them new confidence to jettison a stale governance process of endless reports and time spent on administrivia.
The session, moderated by Kevin Wheeler, futurist, consultant, profession and ER Daily author, will examine the upcoming trends in recruiting and hiring over the next 12 months and offer solutions to the administrivia trap.