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In business, a slang term for mundane matters (such as filling out forms) that managers do not want or simply refuse to do. Secretaries and lower-ranking managers may handle administrivia.


Slang term meaning the nondeal points contained in small print in documents written by lawyers,especially seemingly nonsensical items such as “The masculine shall include the feminine and the singular shall include the plural.”

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By focusing only on high-value, administrative activities closely tied to organizational or departmental objectives, in-house counsel capitalizes on his or her legal training, driving a better informed and more expeditious result, and frees him or herself from the burden of low-value administrivia, thereby "creating" more time for purely legal work.
However, those law departments need not stick to the highlighter and Excel spreadsheet for invoice review, as innovative technologies have emerged to intelligently automate the invoice review process and offer centralized invoice data warehousing capabilities and analytic tools, eliminating lower-value administrivia.
Think about whether your existing technologies can be used both for their intended uses and to eliminate some of the administrivia accompanying your strategic initiatives.
Focusing on administrivia requires no people management skills, which is why effective managers use assistants and employees for much of their administrivia duties.
Spending hours daily in front of the computer, both at the office and at home, paying particular attention to administrivia.
Administrivia can be necessary, and a manager should not be punished for doing it effectively.
In a school close to my university, two lead teachers share the load of administrivia, conflict resolution, and coordination, but both teach for a portion of each day.
It will encourage more personnel to move to nonteaching roles and will divert more university time into mounting administration programs offering even more courses in administrivia.