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1. The implementation and management of a policy. A company's senior officers (such as the board of directors) set the policies and its managers (and sometimes the officers themselves) are responsible for administration.

2. In an estate, the management of the assets of a decedent until they are discharged to his/her heirs.
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The office administrative services market consists of the sales of office administrative services and related goods by entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) that provide a range of day-to-day office administrative services, such as financial planning; billing and record-keeping; personnel; and physical distribution and logistics, for others on a contract or fee basis.
"I believe that the new administrative capital to become the ideal residential, administrative and commercial location, with an estimated population 5 million people."
This project is based on four main axes, he specified, namely, to set up a new legal framework in compliance with the Constitution, organise and modernise the administrative justice to ensure the decentralisation and digitisation of the system, reinforce the jurisdiction of the administrative court by establishing training programmes according to the needs and open the administrative justice on its external environment by devising an efficient communication strategy.
Currently, under the law, the teachers cannot be posted on administrative posts.
However, to favour certain factions and for alleged illegal gratification, teachers and other non-administrative officers have been posted on administrative positions in violation of the act.
President of the Association Mohammad Ilyas said if the teachers were interested in getting administrative positions they should forgo their teaching assignments and get appointed on these positions through open advertisement as prescribed in the act.
administrative actions, what is the content of procedural activities.
The law is issued in exercise of legislative functions conferred to the Parliament by the Constitution, while the administrative act is adopted in exercising the administration function to organize and enforce the law.
On April 10 th , The United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR) expressed concern by the continued and increasing use of administrative detention by Israeli authorities against Palestinians, who are being held without charge or trial, often on the basis of secret evidence, for periods of up to six months.
For the last century, the aspiration of administrative law has been to develop legal structures that would structure and channel the exercise of agency power.
Al-Halaqi explained that the plan of the administrative development is based on different bases including preparation of administrative leaderships and making them qualified, preparing and developing human resources, studying the public organizational structure of the administrative body of the state and re-designing it to cope with the economic conditions, building an information system, providing electronic services and developing laws and regulations.
Administrative detention is a procedure which allows the Israeli authorities to hold Palestinian detainees in prison for up to a six-month renewable period based on secret information, without charging them or allowing them to stand trial.

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