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1. The implementation and management of a policy. A company's senior officers (such as the board of directors) set the policies and its managers (and sometimes the officers themselves) are responsible for administration.

2. In an estate, the management of the assets of a decedent until they are discharged to his/her heirs.


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Reviewed firms also will provide written representations concerning the information they give to peer reviewers and administering entities.
An interval of three to five minutes is necessary before administering another ophthalmic solution.
In addition to making sure that you stay on top of administering your catalog, Nokio says you have to really hustle to get your songs recorded.
Read the medication label three times prior to administering the medication.
According to Rinaldi, the Authority is administering the development of 21 of the 32 projects in New York City's $2.
Member District Polio Control Room (DPCR) and Senior Medical Health Office Sindh government, Dr Ashfaque Qureshi informed reporter here on Tuesday, that besides, administering polio drops, the vaccination teams also administering Vitamin-A drops to children of under fiver years age.
The AICPA, the state boards and Prometric are prohibited from using the database for any purpose other than administering the exam.
The medication can be kept in contact with the round window membrane for long periods, which is more efficient than administering blind injections through the eardrum in the surgeon's office.