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5 W LED illumination System, 3) Stage height adjustment mechanism, 4) Movement distance per scale of fine adjustment knob 2.
23 per unit reduction for October under monthly fuel adjustment mechanism.
23 per unit reduction in power tariff for June under monthly fuel adjustment mechanism.
TAP)-The retail prices of unleaded petrol, normal diesel and 50 ppm diesel will remain unchanged, Director-General of Energy at the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Renewable Energy Ridha Bouzaouada Tuesday said in reference to the three-month update of the oil price automatic adjustment mechanism.
84 per unit in the power tariff under fuel adjustment mechanism.
98 per unit to the consumers for November 2015 overcharged by the Distribution Companies (Discos) under monthly fuel adjustment mechanism.
It has been stipulated in the supply pact that it sets "a cost adjustment mechanism or adjustment formula, that shall determine the movements on a monthly basis of SMEC's generation costs.
Head height adjustment mechanism enables printing fabrics up to 7 mm thick
Similarly, Krugman (2013) claims that imbalances in Europe could be eliminated if the Eurozone countries had independent currencies: but this article explains that this adjustment mechanism is dependent on the assumptions of Say's Law and high price and income elasticities of demand for exports and imports respectively.
The IMF mission statement also calls for the development of a comprehensive electricity strategy that includes an automatic tariff adjustment mechanism.
Further, a reinforced impact skid-plate protects the adjustment mechanism, and prevents impact damage from breaking the caster.
But the same section stated that exempted are the Generation Rate Adjustment Mechanism, incremental Currency Exchange Recovery Adjustment , Transmission Rate Adjustment Mechanism, Transmission True-up Mechanism, System Loss Rate Adjustment Mechanism, Lifeline Rate Recovery Mechanism, Cross-Subsidy Mechanism, Local Franchise Tax Recovery Mechanism, Business.