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1. A tax deduction taken on a loss, especially on bad debt or accounts receivable that will likely not be collected. One is not liable for income that is not actually realized.

2. In insurance, a payment on a claim. For example, if one has homeowner's insurance and his/her house floods, he/she is entitled to an adjustment, so long as the insurance covers flooding. Arriving at the amount of the adjustment is a complex process and insurance companies employ full-time adjusters to investigate claims and determine what amount, if any, the adjustment should be.

3. In an adjustable-rate mortgage, a change in the interest rate paid on the mortgage. The adjustment may be upward or downward. See also: Adjustment frequency.


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The association between adjustment disorder diagnosed at psychiatric treatment facilities and completed suicide.
Cognitive skills were used more for adjustment disorders than for either mood or anxiety disorders
Conclusion: Psychiatric co-morbidity especially the incidence of depression, anxiety and adjustment disorders were high amongst patients suffering from chronic pain disorder.
9% (n = 157) of males were diagnosed with an adjustment disorder.
An RCT demonstrated increased prescribing rates when unannounced, standardized patients who imitated symptoms of either major depression or adjustment disorder requested a prescription.
For our purposes, a psychiatrist grouped the numerous specific diagnoses of mental illness contained in BCLHD data into nine distinct classes of illness: 1) alcohol/substance abuse, 2) delirium, 3) psychoses, 4) mood disorders, 5) anxiety disorders, 6) adjustment disorders, 7) dementia, 8) conditions needing counseling (e.
On Crown Princess Masako, who is undergoing treatment for an adjustment disorder and did not accompany her husband on the weeklong trip, the crown prince said in his comment issued through the agency that he thanks everyone he met in Vietnam who offered well wishes and words of encouragement to her.
She was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder in July 2004.
Other diagnosable conditions include dysthymia, a more chronic condition, and adjustment disorder, a reaction to some major change in the patient's life.
Student Health Service) and contributors provide primary care physicians with background information to assist them in diagnosing adjustment disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and substance-induced anxiety disorder.
VA reports OIF/OEF veterans have sought care for a wide array of possible co-morbid medical and psychological conditions including adjustment disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and the effects of substance abuse.
dsythymia (pronounced dis-THI-me-uh), adjustment disorder, bipolar