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The settlement of a dispute by the declaration of a court. For example, a court adjudicates a lawsuit when it decides which party, if either, wins, and whether or how much money to award. What distinguishes adjudication is the fact that it involves a court. See also: Arbitration.
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A formal declaration by a court,addressing all issues raised by the parties.

Example: The court's adjudication declared the seller in default, ordered the seller to execute a deed to the buyer, and further assessed attorney's fees and costs against the seller.

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This omission is a natural consequence of the book's definition of the adjudicative model as one concerned with evidence and guilt--it is a model defined by its substantive interests, not its procedural character.
perspectives--the adjudicative, ethical, and political dimensions.
adjudicative procedure--the legal process through which prosecutors
Responsible courts have not been blind to these imperfections of the adjudicative process for taking responsibility for the community's future.
If there once was a time when only adjudicative tribunals had a duty of procedural fairness, it goes without saying that this duty now applies to any administrative decision-making called on to render decisions affecting the rights, privileges or property of an individual.
concepts of adjudicative representation in different types of litigation
They are referring to a very different kind of meaning, which we might call "adjudicative meaning," which is a meaning--which the judges themselves might well recognize as interpretatively false--postulated for the purposes of deciding a case.
Following initial diplomatic discussions, it was decided that the best way forward would be a global 'mixed' convention on both adjudicative jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments, to be negotiated through the framework of the Hague Conference on Private International Law.
This particular dispute thus highlights the role of adjudicative bodies that may not be to the liking of contending parties.
While it is axiomatic that "adjudicative" facts--which are the "whodunit" facts specific to a case--receive clear error deference on appeal, the Supreme Court has yet to address the degree of deference due to legislative facts.
While schools, unlike courts, are not designed to be adjudicative bodies, schools must adapt to this responsibility of implementing rules on how to handle and evaluate relevant evidence, including guidance on the admissibility of an assaulted student's prior relationships or sexual history.
The rule requires in-house legal, information security and human resources departments to collect and share information related to the 13 personnel security adjudicative guidelines, monitor access--and attempted access --to classified databases, and establish an insider threat training program to educate employees on how to identify potential insider threats.