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The settlement of a dispute by the declaration of a court. For example, a court adjudicates a lawsuit when it decides which party, if either, wins, and whether or how much money to award. What distinguishes adjudication is the fact that it involves a court. See also: Arbitration.


A formal declaration by a court,addressing all issues raised by the parties.

Example: The court's adjudication declared the seller in default, ordered the seller to execute a deed to the buyer, and further assessed attorney's fees and costs against the seller.

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He said the adjudication in 2014 was flawed as indigenous residents were left out.
Earlier this year the Court of Appeal heard two cases which concerned the ability of a company to refer a dispute to adjudication whilst insolvent, although in one the form of insolvency concerned was liquidation, while the other concerned a company in a company voluntary arrangement (CVA).
Mr Phuthego further indicated that concrete paving, drift installation and stone pitching of Matlhakola, Goo-Tau, Goo Sekgweng, Manaledi-Ratholo and Majwaneng-Lerala project was still at the adjudication stage and the tender to pursue the project would be awarded in due time.
"Judi provides a purpose-built solution for endpoint adjudication that enables efficient database set-up and data extraction, and manages workflow effectively," said Craig McLendon, senior director, Adjudication and Data Monitoring Committees Management, ICON.
This led to illegal settlements, the major threat facing the forest, and dates back to the 1970s when the government declared five adjudication sections in the north of Olpusimoru and Maasai Mau forest, according to Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko.RECLAIM RANCHESThey are Olposimoru A and B, Kamurar, Kilapa and Olkurto.
The FBR, however, encouraged the collectors to pursue its clarifications in big revenue loss cases instead of directing them to submit these cases to FBR's adjudication courts.
For seven cases whose cumulative revenue loss amounts to Rs4.75 billion, the collectors delayed negligence and unwillingness to bring the cases to FBR adjudication courts for legal proceedings caught the eye of the tax regulator, forcing it to intervene.
Last year at least 3 percent of the complaints were submitted for adjudication. 'Under adjudication, an actual case is filed through an adjudication officer, meaning the complainant will submit a position paper, the respondent will reply and there will be a rejoinder,' Castelo said.
'Close and terminated means there is insufficiency of evidence to elevate the complaint to a preliminary investigation and/or administrative adjudication,' the same official said.
The CFPB is asking for comment on its administrative adjudication process--the latest inquiry in Acting Director Mick Mulvaney's review of agency policies.
Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 The adjudication was proposed by the Interagency Committee on Illegal Drugs and will still be up for approval by the President.