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The settlement of a dispute by the declaration of a court. For example, a court adjudicates a lawsuit when it decides which party, if either, wins, and whether or how much money to award. What distinguishes adjudication is the fact that it involves a court. See also: Arbitration.


A formal declaration by a court,addressing all issues raised by the parties.

Example: The court's adjudication declared the seller in default, ordered the seller to execute a deed to the buyer, and further assessed attorney's fees and costs against the seller.

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The beauty of justice in the fields, or sur les lieux contentieux, rested in more than just the rhyme; it allowed a Jp, accompanied by unpaid but often expert assessors, to adjudicate a case quickly, inexpensively, [72] and seemingly fairly.
GAO focused its review on (1) how often USCIS adjudicates naturalization applications without an A-file and why, (2) the effect that missing A-files can have on the adjudication process, and (3) steps taken to help mitigate the risk of missing A-files.
Indeed, the number of courts and prosecutors needed to adjudicate every juvenile case would be staggering.
was wrongful and seeks court intervention to adjudicate the matter," said Albert B.
Kelly, NCTM, retired from Arkansas State University, where he was a professor of music and coordinator of keyboard activities, continues to perform, teach, adjudicate and present lectures.
We expect that the court will hear and adjudicate the issue of venue on or about June of 2006, but the date is not certain.
Currently there is no system that I am aware of which can verify eligibility, submit claims, adjudicate the claim and have payment in the 24-36 hour time period in an `on-line real time' format.