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The settlement of a dispute by the declaration of a court. For example, a court adjudicates a lawsuit when it decides which party, if either, wins, and whether or how much money to award. What distinguishes adjudication is the fact that it involves a court. See also: Arbitration.


A formal declaration by a court,addressing all issues raised by the parties.

Example: The court's adjudication declared the seller in default, ordered the seller to execute a deed to the buyer, and further assessed attorney's fees and costs against the seller.

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The importance of a conflict's quick resolution highlights the data on the length of time it took Jps to adjudicate cases in revolutionary Charente-Inferieure.
But if we seriously want to eradicate foul play, we should introducea separate panel of experts to adjudicate on such incidents.
Most providers are now being required to obtain a variety of new data elements, which they were previously not required to obtain, and which have historically not been necessary for payers to adjudicate health care claims.
Some departments use a review board to adjudicate employee misconduct, and others rely on a senior official to make the decision.
I think it would be good if we could not only adjudicate the claim [online], but also pay the doctor right away.
Teachers who are dismissed for failing to do so can appeal the decision to the bishop, but the union wants a neutral third party to adjudicate such disputes.
We believe such solutions would satisfy the court's need for information necessary to adjudicate the disparate treatment claim without identifying particular taxpayers.
A-files were not available to adjudicate naturalization applications in a small percentage of cases.