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Describing a real estate property immediately next to another. For example, a house adjoins the house next door. See also: Adjacent.


Touching, as in properties that are not separated by any natural or human-made barrier nor by any other property. Contrast with adjacent, which means nearby, but not necessarily touching.

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In this regard, a warning has been issued to fishermen to avoid venturing into the sea along and off south Tamil Nadu, Comorin-Maldives area, the adjoining equatorial Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Mannar area during the next 24 hours.
Although the Party Wall Act is described as an "enabling" Act, it is important for those arranging the building works to serve the necessary Party Wall notice or notices on the adjoining owners at the correct time.
The adjoining property consists of land and building of the adjoining property at 22 Worcester Road.
To start with, a patty wall is generally a wall located on or along the property line of two adjoining properties and used for the benefit of both properties.
3 million and an adjoining 5,752-SF house on 5 acres for $524,000.
The wall dividing the 32ft 4ins sitting room and adjoining 14ft lounge has been opened up, leaving the two areas partitioned by an imposing central stone fireplace with a ceiling-height mantel.
Housed for the last 29 years in a Victorian fruit warehouse on Kean Street, Covent Garden, Aram Designs has now expanded into the adjoining warehouse.
In designing adjoining sections, replace sharp angles with radii and minimize heat and stress concentration.
The waqf includes] all of the boundaries encompassing the madrasah located outside the city of Kabul(54) comprising numerous buildings, several classrooms [darskhanah]; a mosque [masjid] with two adjoining student apartments [hajrah]; a hallway [dalan] of the madrasah and domed porticos [taqha-yi darun], an elaborate entry arch [pishtaq] and a ledge [suffah] in front of the madrasah door; a school/mosque library [maktab], a bath [hammam], a water dispenser [siqayat], a toilet [mustarah], a small sarai with one room [sarachah], and a large arched hall [iwan].
As a result, more than half of adjoining property owners endorsed the project in writing.